The Artificial Intelligence Frontier

In a recently released discussion paper, Artificial Intelligence: The next digital frontier, McKinsey discusses artificial intelligence and how it is poised to unleash the next wave of disruption.

The paper makes several observations that resonates well with what Innosix experiences in discussions with our corporate clients.

McKinsey focus on 5 AI technology systems:

  • robotics and autonomous vehicles,
  • computer vision,
  • language,
  • virtual agents; and
  • machine learning.

In the infographic below (click to enlarge), there is a host of data showing the size and shape of the market for Artificial Intelligence.


Bottom line is that if your company is not actively considering how artificial intelligence can benefit your operations, and how it will impact and shape your industry in the near future, its about time you do.

Innosix is actively engaging with start-ups and growth companies that are actively pursuing opportunities within Artificial Intelligence.

Reach out if you wish to involve your company in techscouting withtin AI or any other area of technology.