Innosix has passed the 2,500 milestone

At the beginning of April, 2017,  Innosix reached the 2,500 company mark! Right now, we have just over 2,500 technology companies on record in our database. We are working hard on on-boarding all these companies, maximising their visibility and transferency to our corporate partners. Therefore, we are carefully checking with each of the incoming tech companies, that our information about them is relevant, updated and sufficient. We are particularly focused on getting our technology descriptions – including individual tech tags – right.

New technology companies are of course still more than welcome to join the Innosix platform. We are aiming for 5,000 tech companies by the end of the year – so if you have a technology start-up or growth company, and you are ready to engage in product development or a go-to-market joint-venture with a commercial partner, do not hesitate to enlist on our platform. Click here for more.

Innosix to take a strong Nordic innovation concept to Europe

Nordic Cleantech Innovation Link, the successful Nordic collaborative innovation concept, is expanding and rebranding to Innosix. “We are expanding our reach, both geographically and in terms of technology,” says Ole Jakob Thorsen, partner at Innosix. “We have set out on a mission to create the world’s most powerful tech-scouting and matchmaking tool for collaborative innovation between […]