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Transformative innovation happens outside your comfort zone

Most large industrial organisations are experts at releasing new and improved versions of the products in their existing portfolio. However, many organisation are struggling to fill their transformative innovation pipeline.

If you are looking for breakthroughs and disruption, why not team up with start-ups and growth companies that are able to speed up the innovation process and cut you time-to-market dramatically? If you are ready to challenge the status quo, it makes a lot of sense to adopt new and faster methods; Innosix provides the framework to make it happen.

Breaking out of your comfort zone to transfor

We are your tech scout

Launched in 2014, our European innovation pool already includes more than 3,000 pre-screened, pre-qualified technology start-ups and growth companies, looking to establish key industry relations and alliances.

Driven by our own research and our recruiting network of universities, clusters, and accelerators throughout Europe, we welcome thousands of new tech innovators every year from over 30 technology domains. This unique network already benefits industry leaders like Danfoss, Alfa Laval, E.ON, and Siemens.

Here are three good reasons to partner up with Innosix:

♦ Make the unknowns known

Innosix lets you explore new areas of technology and business opportunities – both the ones that can be put to use right now and the ones that may turn into major growth drivers 3-5 years from now!

♦ Dip your toes before taking the plunge

In a collaborative innovation project, you can team up with a technology partner to create smaller pilots to clarify feasibility and potential before taking on bigger commitments!

♦ Get inspired

Working with start-ups and growth companies will inspire your organisation to work with innovation and agile development in new ways, fail fast and pivot to achieve product-market fit – and not least accept the inherent risks of transformative product development!

Innosix linking corporate parners and tech companies

Facilitated match-making

An Innosix corporate partnership not only provides access to Europe’s most innovative technology companies – we will make sure that you find and meet with the innovators most relevant for you. We will facilitate your engagement with the innovators of your choice by coordinating company visits, hosting matchmaking workshops, and leading informal steering groups. As a corporate partner, you also get valuable market exposure, invitations to cluster activities, trend analyses, and tech networks.